SheHacks is the largest All-Women’s 12-Hour Hackathon in Southwest Ontario, hosted by Western University’s Women in Technology Society. Our focus is preparing women to thrive in the technology industry regardless of: gender identity, background, major, or experience.

SheHacks makes technology accessible for all, attracting hundreds of diverse attendees and corporate leaders at the forefront of progress.

Our Mission

WE EQUIP women with skills, connections, and inspiration necessary to grow as innovators, minimizing the gender gap from the ground up and leveling the playing field

We strive to support each attendee in working to ideate, build, and pitch their own unique tech solutions. Direct from industry experts and our partnered sponsors, attendees learn skills crucial to the tech sector today such as intro to Python, UX/UI Design, machine learning, and more. Delivered through workshops and keynotes, these learnings support the ability of women to break into technology roles. More than just technical skills, our teams leave with genuine industry connections, a fortified sense of community, and inspiration to lead.


All those who have been accepted to participate at SheHacks are eligible to submit a project. Teams can consist of 1-4 members.


When submitting your hack, please include a good representation of your work. This could be a link to your code (Github, bitbucket), screenshots of the project or a video walking through how your project works.

Projects must be submitted by 7:30PM on March 16th, 2019. Make sure to choose the prize categories you want to be judged on. We encourage you to pick multiple prize categories, even if your project is incomplete. This hackathon is focused on being a learning experience; we'd love to see what you've learned!

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD4,640 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

Judged by TD, the best overall project will be selected for project difficulty, impact, and novelty. TD will provide best overall winners with BOSE Wireless Speakers for each team member.

Bell: Best Use of AI

Awarded to the team that best fulfills the challenge provided below, Bell will provide each winning team member with a $200 giftcard (Source), 3 months of CRAVE TV ($50 value), and interviews for Bell internships and new grad job opportunities. IMPORTANT: In order to participate in this hack, please review the information at this link–

Best Financial Literacy Hack

Design a tech-based solution aimed at improving money management among Canadian youth aged 13-22 years old. FuturFund will provide Apple Airpods to each winning team member

Best FinTech Hack

Awarded to the best hack which integrates technological solutions to financial service delivery. Scotiabank will provide the best Fintech hack with $200 Visa giftcards for each winning team member.

Best Pitch

Presented to the team with the most enticing pitch to attract potential consumers and investors. The winning team will each receive Fitbits from Social Science Students' Council.

Best Smart Home Innovation

Awarded to the team with the best hack for smart home innovation, the Centre of Engineering Leadership and Innovation will provide Echo Dots for each winning team member.

Best Beginners Hack

Awarded to the team which demonstrated the highest level of learning, use of basic skills and overall level of improvement. Each member must be a first time hacker.* Women in Technology Society will provide a Fuji Film Instax to each winning team member

Best Design

Awarded to the team which integrates the strongest design principles, UX and UI. Women in Technology Society will provide a Huion Tablet to each winning team member

Best Hack for Social Good (2)

Awarded to the team with the best hack for driving social improvement or addressing social issues. DriveHER will offer an opportunity to interview for a summer internship at DriveHER to each winning team member

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:








Social Science Student Council

Social Science Student Council





Center of Engineering Leadership and Innovation

Center of Engineering Leadership and Innovation



Judging Criteria

  • Bell Criteria - Best Use of AI
    1. Creativity/Originality (30%) 2. Technical Complexity (30%) 3. Presentation/Visualization/Wow-effect (20%) 4. Insights discovered (20%)
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Design
    Design: Is the user interface clear and easy to use? Does it look aesthetically pleasing or professional-looking? Does the workflow make sense, and is it intuitive to use?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Learning
    Learning: Did the team partner with new people and collaborate together? Did the team learn and try something new with the hack? Were they able to work on a different category or platform for the project?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Quality
    Quality: How well does the hack work from start to finish? Did the team scope the features of the hack well, given the time frame of the hacking period? How well were the features implemented for the project, in terms of the working condition?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories- Technical Complexity
    Technical Complexity: How effective was the technology used to achieve the group's overall goals? How difficult was the technical problem chosen?
  • Overall Criteria for Overall Criteria for All Categories – Impact
    Impact: Does the hack tackle an existing problem in the world today? Does the hack improve on current solution methods or technologies?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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